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WARNING this CD is bootleg and hurts Dana International interest
Please don't buy and report to your webmistress if you find locations it is offered
She will inform Dana management about locations

This is Burmese New Year Prayer, but every day is first day of new year and for our hopes and dedication for peace and justice for all people

Her copy of message
To Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi by and in name of all members of DIFFteam

You Webmistress very proud of the following link to initiative of young Japanese Students of University Of Kyoto

Of course D.I.F.F. first emphasize is on Dana International and the goal of making her the Super Star she is and deserves to be. In so many way she represents the struggle of all minority peoples, both in her message as her own being. Following from that D.I.F.F. is not simply a fan club for an artist but a socio-political force which carries out the true significance of who and what she really is. Because of this, from the very beginning D.I.F.F. has made the choice to open three different but at the same time very related fronts.

For those of you who only know Dana as TS singer or maybe don't know her at all
Juri wrote an, in the little biased opinion of your webmistress, outstanding article you please read first
Dana International

The fight for Dana's career and the fullfillment of her message.

The struggle for Sexual and Gender Rights for all people.

The struggle for GayRights.
In this onth of October which is Gay History Month, DIFF will py special attention to the pupose of this month.
The struggle for GayRights is one which Dana International is very strongly engage in. It is our strong believe that Gay and Transgendered people have one cause, which is same as the struggle all supressed peoples in the world

White Ribbon Campaign
Raising Awareness about Gay-Teen Suicide
And remembering those who we've lost
[ Mirror Site ]

The struggle for Native American Rights both cultural rights as land rights.

The struggle for the freedom of Leonard Peltier now in his 24th year of confinement at Leavenworth, was wrongfully convicted of the killing of two FBI agents in 1977.
Leonard only crime is standup for the rights and pride of his people

This month is Peltier Freedom Month
Please participate as much as you can.
First if you not know about Leonard Peltier please read the following article also you can sign a petition to the President of The United States asking for Peltiers immediate release from prison where he so unjustly still is being held.
Please do this now!!
Here the program for WEEK 2 of the Peltier Freedom Month Activities.

DIFF supports the struggle for Freedom and justice of Aung San Suu Kyi, she is one of the bravest woman on this world, every day she risks her live for the Birmese people to finally get justice and democracy.

Other Rights Groups are more than welcome to submit a request for inclusion into the D.I.F.F. Official Homepage.

Such a request should contain a comprehensive description of your goals and the nature of the Rights violations you seek to end. Condition is that your objectives should in no way limit the Rights of others or promote hate on the basis of Gender, Sexual orientation, Ethnic and/or Racial background or religious conviction. In the later case an exception is made for all such cases where this religious conviction would lead to intollarance towards thr right of existance of others. D.I.F.F. for example does stand up against the agitation of certain ultra-Orthodox directed against Transsexuals.

Please if you want to support DIFF copy our logo or out banner and place it on your homepage with the following link:

Also you can join our mailinglist to help us for our goal

For informations and suggestions you can send mail to Janet Sultana

Tatanka Watanka - Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Lakota (Standing Rock)

Let us put our minds together and see
what life we can make for our children.

Words Spoken by Sitting Bull

There are no better words describe what we in D.I.F.F. must fight for.
Dana honey you know so well just like me, I love you - Janet Sultana

Arigato Gozaimasu to a very special friend of D.I.F.F.

Miss. Genie Murasaki
Miss. Genie Murasaki

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